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Just Cause 3 dev considering bringing mods to consoles

Just recently, Bethesda announced its plans to bring mods to consoles starting with DOOM and Fallout 4. Now it looks like that has the ball rolling as now the development team behind Just Cause 3, Avalanche Studios, is trying to make its next game in the series as open to mods as it can, even on consoles.

While at E3 a couple of weeks back, Just Cause 3 Director, Roland Lesterlin, said that the studio is working on expanding mod availability. While live on the GameSpot stage, he said: “We've been wanting to do quite a lot of that stuff for awhile”, referring to bringing mods to consoles.


While it is something the studio is looking in to, it is “not announcing anything there yet” but on the whole, the studio wants to support mods as much as it can. Traditionally, mods have been very PC-centric as the consoles have often not had the ability to support custom content. However, that seems to be changing this generation, which could end up meaning a resurgence in modders.

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KitGuru Says: Obviously when we talk about mods for consoles, we don't mean graphical mods but rather content mods that bring new quests, characters, or areas to a game. Either way, with mods available in more places, hopefully we will have more people making them and then everybody wins. 

Via: Gamespot

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