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Mario VS Donkey Kong returns on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo holds a big Direct stream each September to unveil new games landing in Q4 and Q1 the following year. This year is no different. Today during Nintendo Direct, the company showed off a bunch of new releases, including a new Mario VS Donkey Kong game. 

Mario VS Donkey Kong began as a series back in 2004, with a Game Boy Advanced title. There have been a few of these titles over the years and the latest will land on Nintendo Switch in early 2024:

The setup here is that Donkey Kong has stolen all of the Mini Mario toys from the factory, forcing Mario to track them down by completing a number of puzzle-platformer levels. The levels are small, with a number of obstacles. Eventually, you'll face off against Donkey Kong directly.

Mario VS Donkey Kong will release on Nintendo Switch on the 16th of February 2024.

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KitGuru Says: It would seem that Nintendo is tapping into nostalgia for the final year of the Switch. We've already got a remake of the Super Mario RPG on the way, as well as a brand new Super Mario Bros. game. The string of releases will continue into 2024 with Mario VS Donkey Kong, as well as a new game starring Princess Peach. 

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