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Marvel’s Avengers free weekend boosts PC player base

Last week, Square Enix announced that the first major expansion for Marvel's Avengers, which will introduce Black Panther to the game, will be releasing in August. To celebrate, over the weekend, the game went free to play for a limited time and sure enough, it did seem to reinvigorate the player base a bit. 

Over the free weekend, Marvel's Avengers rose from just a few hundred active players, to several thousand, peaking at over 10,200. Currently, there are just under 7,000 players online concurrently, with just a couple of hours left to go in the free weekend.

The game is still performing worse than you'd expect from a high-budget Marvel game, and Square Enix has been unable to push peak concurrent players over launch-day numbers. However, for a game that had less than a thousand average concurrent players just a few months ago, this is a decent turn around.

Marvel's Avengers will get its ‘War for Wakanda' expansion on the 16th of August, ending the current content roadmap. More content is planned, but outside of the PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man DLC, nothing else has been announced so far.

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KitGuru Says: Did any of you play this during the free weekend? Will you be sticking around for the upcoming expansion, or did the game fail to impress? 


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