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Marvel’s Avengers is leaking player’s IP addresses

Marvel’s Avengers released its latest content patch earlier this week and immediately, players noticed something very wrong. For some reason, the patch made it so that the game displays the player’s IP address on screen at all times. 

This would be particularly problematic for anyone looking to stream the game, so Crystal Dynamics has issued a warning against streaming the game until a hot fix is in place:

The Twitter statement downplays the issue by referring to it as a “floating string of text”, but in actuality, the bug is a much bigger deal. Leaking an IP address can lead to location tracking, DDoS attacks and other forms of harassment. Crystal Dynamics later followed up the tweet confirming that personal information is being exposed by the game.

The patch to fix this is due to begin rolling out this afternoon.

KitGuru Says: The issue seems to mainly be affecting console players, so the few still playing the game on PC shouldn’t run into this problem. 

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