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Metro Exodus next-gen upgrade launches for Xbox Series X/S and PS5

We've already seen Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition in action on PCs with all the settings cranked up, but what can next-gen console owners expect? This week, the Metro Exodus enhanced update drops on Xbox Series X/S and PS5, aiming to deliver “the most comprehensive ray tracing experience” on a home console. 

Most of the features found in the PC version of Metro Exodus Enhanced also appear on the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 version, with just two exceptions – DLSS 2.0 and advanced ray-traced reflections. Next-gen console players will still benefit from fully ray-traced lighting, emissive surfaces, ray-traced shadows and reflections.

Aside from the ray-traced lighting overhaul, the enhanced edition also adds 4K textures, an FoV slider and up to 60 frames per second gameplay. On the Xbox Series X and PS5, the game targets 4K/60 while on the Xbox Series S, the game will run at 1080p/60.

The Metro Exodus next-gen upgrade is now live across Xbox Series X/S and PS5. Those who own the Xbox One or PS4 version will get access for free.

KitGuru Says: I didn't expect so many ray-tracing features to carry over to the next-gen console version, but it seems 4A Games found a way. What do you all think of the next-gen version of Metro Exodus? 


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