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Microsoft acquires Smash.gg esports platform

Microsoft has been on a big spree of gaming-related acquisitions lately. Most of these have been development studios but this week, Microsoft has announced something slightly different. As of this week, esports tournament platform ‘Smash.gg' is now under the Microsoft umbrella. 

Smash.gg will be part of Microsoft's Content Services Group, which will provide the platform with additional resources and business support. Aside from that though, it will be business as usual for the site, with nothing changes to current leagues or tournaments.

Beyond that, the original team will continue working on smash.gg, rather than any leadership shake-ups taking place.

It is unclear what Microsoft's bigger plans for Smash.gg are, but as we saw when Microsoft acquired Beam (later renamed Mixer), the company could have some larger integration plans within the Xbox ecosystem eventually.

KitGuru Says: Microsoft left game livestreaming behind and now seems to be trying its hand at investing more in esports. What do you all think about this acquisition? Have any of you used smash.gg before for a competitive tournament? 

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