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Corsair acquires ORIGIN PC

CORSAIR has been huge in the DIY gaming PC space for many years now and in recent years, the company has made some headway in pre-built systems too with the Corsair One range. Now, Corsair is about to grow in that sector even further, as the company is acquiring Origin …

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Logitech’s Plantronics buyout falls through

Peripheral manufacturers Logitech entered negotiations with Plantronics last week, offering a staggering $2.2 billion to acquire the US communications company. Although inside sources explained that the buyout could come as early as this week, Logitech has abruptly ended talks and removed its offer from the table. Logitech isn’t shy of …

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Wild Microsoft acquisition rumours circulate

It is a well known fact at this point that Microsoft is struggling when it comes to delivering first-party content for PC and Xbox. With that in mind, it wouldn't be crazy to think that the company would be looking into buying out other studios. Several big names have been thrown around this week, with the rumor mill pointing towards PUBG Corp, EA and perhaps the most unlikely, Valve.

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Caseking Group expands with acquisition of GlobalData

This week, Caseking Group announced that it has acquired GlobalData, the ‘go-to’ shop for hardware enthusiasts in Portugal, expanding the group’s reach across Europe. The Caseking Group already consists of some other well known retailers, including Caseking itself, Overclockers UK, Kellytech (Hungary) and now GlobalData is joining the ranks, expanding reach …

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Twitch is swallowing up the entire Curse brand


Amazon owned Twitch is looking to expand its reach in the gaming world, with the acquisition of Curse, a brand of websites, multimedia channels and applications. This gives Twitch control of a number of popular websites, which together bring in over 30 million visitors a month – giving it excellent …

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Japanese firm Softbank, will purchase ARM for £24 billion


One of the biggest technological deals in the UK’s history is set to take place later this year, after it was agreed that Japanese telecoms company, Softbank, will purchase ARM Holdings for £24.3 billion. Although it still needs shareholder approval, the buyout would overvalue stock by more than 43 percent. …

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Microsoft set to buy SwiftKey for around $250 million

SwiftKey, one of the most popular third-party keyboard apps for both Android and iOS smartphones, is set to be acquired by Microsoft the company has confirmed. Reports currently put the buyout figure at around $250 million, this acquisition would also mean that future Windows smartphones could come with SwiftKey pre-installed. …

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