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CD Projekt Red says it is not in talks to be acquired by PlayStation

Over the weekend, a wild rumour emerged, claiming Sony is in talks to acquire CD Projekt Red. This rumour didn't hold much substance on the surface, but it made enough noise that people within the studio had to speak out to squash the rumour. 

The claimed ‘leak‘ comes from Liz, who is well-known within the Destiny community for providing accurate leaks. However, this person hasn't developed much of a track record when it comes to anything outside of Destiny content. In a post that went rampant through forums and gaming Twitter, it was claimed that not only is Sony buying CD Projekt Red, but that Days Gone 2 is officially in development as well.

Those who have paid attention to the situation around Days Gone likely know that this rumour is untrue just based on the mention of a sequel. While the leads behind Bend Studios wanted to make a sequel, Sony famously rejected a pitch for Days Gone 2 and put Bend Studios to work on a new IP instead.

When it comes to CD Projekt Red, while the studio has faced some struggles as an independent studio, the company has not expressed any interest in being acquired and has been expanding all on its own with the goal of turning into a multi-project studio.

CD Projekt Red is a publicly traded company, so any move to acquire CDPR would quickly become public knowledge as investors would need to be informed. Beyond that, CD Projekt PR rep, Ola Sondej, has confirmed that the company is “not in such talks” with Sony. The rumour did end up giving a small bump to CD Projekt Red's stock price though, rising just a little over 4 percent.

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KitGuru Says: Sony did recently increase its budget for mergers and acquisitions, with a particularly keen eye on the entertainment industry, including video games. With that in mind, we do expect to see more studios joining PlayStation in the years ahead, but CD Projekt Red seems to be an unlikely target. 

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