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Microsoft sees early access as ‘ripe for innovation’

It seems that Microsoft has noticed how successful some of Steam’s early access titles have become, as it expressed interest in the business model at the Game Developers Conference last week. Microsoft Game Studio boss, Phil Spencer, said that early access is “ripe for innovation on Xbox One”, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be coming any time soon.

While talking about gamer interest shifting, Spencer noted that players are becoming increasingly interested in the development process and that “paid alphas are one of those mechanisms” that could bring new games to the Xbox One alongside Kickstarter campaigns but insisted that Microsoft don’t have any plans in mind just yet: “It’s not something we’ve talked about or have a firm plan for today. But…it is a great opportunity for us.”


Microsoft isn’t getting in to the ‘paid alpha’ business just yet but it is definitely paying attention to it. That said, it would be hard not to considering the success of not only Rust and DayZ but also Minecraft, which has been receiving sizeable updates quite regularly since launch.

KitGuru Says: Both DayZ and Rust have sold a ridiculous amount of copies and the Early Access scheme is starting to become quite popular but there is a problem, the games aren’t finished yet. The scheme was originally meant to be used by gamers who wanted to provide constructive feedback and help shape the game as it’s developed but that doesn’t seem to be the intention anymore. What do you guys think of the early access program? Are you for or against it and do you think it should be utilised on more platforms?

Source: IGN

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