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NCSoft confirms Guild Wars 3 is on the way

NCSoft has been hard at work supporting Guild Wars 2 over the past decade, bringing several major expansions. Now, the company's attention is turning towards what's next, with Guild Wars 3 now officially on the way. 

During a recent NCSoft shareholder meeting, company CEO, Park Byung-moo, confirmed that Guild Wars 3 is in development. Unfortunately, this announcement was geared towards investors, rather than fans of the franchise, so there is little information beyond this. Still, for long-time players, this should be exciting news.

The MMO market has changed significantly since the launch of Guild Wars all the way back in the 2000s. The sequel, Guild Wars 2, arrived in 2012 and was met with solid reviews. Thanks to the game's buy-to-play model, players have always been able to easily jump back into Guild Wars after purchasing it, with no additional monthly subscription required.

With Guild Wars 3 now being confirmed to investors, we may not have to wait long for more official news. Perhaps we'll get a big unveiling later this year, but without knowing how long the game has been in development for, it would be hard to discern exactly when to expect a release date. Guild Wars 2 just received its latest expansion last year, so there may still be life left in that game before shifting over to a new-gen sequel.

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KitGuru Says: Have you played much Guild Wars 2 since its launch in 2012? Would you be keen to return for a sequel? 

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