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ArenaNet employees brace themselves for mass layoffs

Guild Wars developer ArenaNet has informed employees that it plans to “cut costs across the organisation,” meaning another round of mass layoffs is about to hit the video game industry. Currently, it’s unknown just how many employees will be laid off, although those that worked on cancelled projects are expected …

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Jessica Price says that ArenaNet “escalated” recent firings in a way that directed mobs towards her

When controversy rolls around, it’s difficult to air all thoughts in a single interview within the limited time frame to prepare beforehand. This is evident for recently fired writer Jessica Price, who has once again taken to Twitter to fully comprise her thoughts towards former employer ArenaNet, calling the developer’s …

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Guild Wars 2 now has its capital city back

Update: Last year as part of the Guild Wars 2 living world storyline, ArenaNet decided to destroy the game's capital city, Lion's Arch. Since then, players visiting the area could only see the rubble of what was once there. Over time, it was decided that the capital city would make …

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Guild Wars 2 is getting its capital city back

If you have been following Guild Wars 2's ‘living world' story line for a while, then you are probably aware that the world's capital city, Lion's Arch, was destroyed some time last year. In the aftermath, NPCs began popping up and were found hammering at the ruins of the city. …

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WildStar developer hit with layoffs

It looks like WildStar, Guild Wars and City of Heroes publisher, NCSoft, is running in to some trouble and as a result, the company, along with several developers have been hit with layoffs. Guild Wars developer, Arenanet, is unaffected whereas WildStar developer, Carbine, has had to let go around 60 people, cutting …

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Guild Wars 2 hacking woes

Guild Wars 2

While Guild Wars 2 might have been selling extremely well, with players knocking up impressive levelling sprints, it's not without its problems. A few days ago we noted the issue with mispriced items, but now ArenaNet is having to deal with hackers. In quite an ingenious scheme, a few nefarious …

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