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New anti-cheat in Rainbow Six: Siege seems to be doing its job

While Rainbow Six: Siege was well-received by fans and critics alike when it launched, as time went on, the game did attract more cheaters and for a long time, Ubisoft was very slow to deal with the issue. Since then, a new anti-cheat method has been implemented and it seems to be doing its job properly, with thousands of cheaters already banned.

Ubisoft announced today that so far, just under four thousand cheaters have been banned on the PC version of the game, cleaning up the player base quite a bit. This is just the first wave of bans with the new Battleye system too, so there is more to come.


“The launch and integration of the first BETA iteration of BattlEye set forth in motion a dramatic change in the way we approach cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege that is more preventative. With this first wave of bans from Battleye, we are establishing a firm stance to protect the game and the community for the long run.”

“In the future, Battleye will be banning much more quickly, sometimes in real-time. Ban waves with longer delays can still happen, but usually bans for detected cheaters should take a few days maximum.”

So if you have been avoiding Rainbow Six: Siege for a while due to the sheer amount of cheaters, then now might be a good time to jump back in, as Ubisoft seems to be getting much more proactive about it.

KitGuru Says: Ubisoft still hasn't quite nailed its approach to online gaming. The Division had similar issues for weeks after its launch but hopefully, this will be a turning point for the publisher. It needs to be proactive about stopping cheaters, whether that be on Rainbow Six: Siege or any other online game. 

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