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Nintendo announces some big changes to its Switch online service subscription

It looks like the Nintendo Switch's much debated online service subscription is going through some much needed changes. Initially, the service was set to launch later this year and would offer one NES game rental each month. Now, the Nintendo Switch's online subscription will launch in 2018 and will come with a much better value add.

Instead of a one month virtual console game rental, Nintendo's online subscription buyers will now gain access to “a library of classic games with added online play”. You will be able to play as many of those games as you like for as long as you want if you have an active subscription. Beyond that, you also get access to online multiplayer features.

Right now, pricing for non-US countries is still being worked out but over all, a yearly subscription will cost $19.99. There is also a $7.99 three-month option and a $3.99 per month option. Until the subscription launches next year, online multiplayer will continue to be free on all games. The downside is, voice chat is still nowhere to be found.

KitGuru Says: Removing the monthly game rental and adding in Netflix-style access to a library of classic games seems like a much better deal overall. The pricing structure doesn't seem too bad either, though I am still concerned about Nintendo's plans for voice chat, which will operate through a mobile app.

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