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Nintendo has “a series of marquee game releases” planned for 2021

Recently, Nintendo finally unveiled some of its plans for 2021 with a Direct stream announcing a bunch of third-party games coming to Switch as well as a few first-party titles, including The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and Super Mario Golf. As it turns out, there are some much bigger games still on the way this year, causing Nintendo to raise its software sale estimates for the fiscal year. 

According to a new report from Bloomberg, “a series of marquee game releases is expected to drive software sales” for Nintendo over the next fiscal year, with expected revenues of $250 million. Previously, analysts had predicted $205 million in Nintendo software sales revenue, so this is a pretty major jump.


This series of ‘marquee game releases' is likely going to include previously announced titles. We are still waiting on updates from Nintendo on the status of Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4 and of course, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – which has been tipped to be landing in 2021 for a long time now.

Software might not be the only area where Nintendo sees growth this year. Recently, reports have claimed that an upgraded Nintendo Switch is coming later in the year with an OLED display.

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KitGuru Says: Nintendo has been very quiet on its plans for the second half of the year, but it sounds like they do indeed have another major game release planned. Do you think this new ‘marquee' game will end up being Breath of the Wild 2? 

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