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Nintendo has begun sending out dev kits for its next-gen console

Rumours of a Switch Pro circulated for years with nothing ever coming to fruition. At this point, Nintendo is focused on a true successor console instead and according to sources, development kits have begun landing at various studios. 

According to VCG's sources, a number of studios have now received development kits for Nintendo's next-gen console. With development kits arriving now, developers will have a little over a year to get their first projects ready for the new console, which should officially launch in the second half of 2024.

Unfortunately, nobody has leaked any specifications or feature details, so at this time, we do not know if this will be a new dedicated home console, or a hybrid system like the Switch. Typically, Nintendo tries a new gimmick feature each generation, with the Switch generation being the idea that you could seamlessly change between a home console or a handheld. The idea proved to be more popular than Nintendo expected, so we may see this idea stick around for the long haul.

A next-gen Switch would likely continue to be powered by Nvidia hardware, which opens the door for exciting features, such as the first DLSS-supported console games. DLSS uses AI upscaling techniques to greatly enhance performance for PC games. Such a feature would help many developers bring their more graphically intensive games to Nintendo's platform. Another area Nintendo will have to improve in is storage. The Switch currently offers a maximum of 32GB internal storage, making SD Card storage an essential requirement for most Switch gamers. With its next-gen system, we would like to see Nintendo offer 128GB, 256GB or 512GB storage options.

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KitGuru Says: With Nintendo's next system coming in 2024, there will be an interesting year ahead. At this point, I'd expect to see Metroid Prime 4 as a launch title for Nintendo's next system, rather than launching as a Switch exclusive as previously envisioned. 


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