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Nintendo patent shows new dual-screen gaming device

All signs are pointing to a new Nintendo console in 2024, widely expected to carry forward the hybrid console idea. A new Nintendo patent gives us a small peek at one idea its had, showing a new dual-screen device that splits in half.

The patent was discovered by Game Rant, with images showing a DS-like design with two displays. However, the top screen can pull away or alternatively, the device can be folded with a 360-degree hinge, with the display on the outside. It is unclear exactly how the device would connect to a TV or if this is an unused handheld-only console idea.

Of course, Nintendo files lots of patents for designs that often don't see the light of day in a finished product. One good example of this is the gamepad-screen patent that preceded the Nintendo Switch's unveiling.

According to VGC, Nintendo has begun sending out development kits to its partners for the Switch 2, although the final name of the console will likely end up being different. However, for now, Nintendo is keeping the focus on the current Switch, which still has new games coming, with some of the console's very best exclusives arriving just now in 2023.

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KitGuru Says: We're all eager to see a more powerful Nintendo console. The Switch is still getting great games but more powerful hardware will lead to increased third-party support and we would all appreciate better graphics at this point as well. I don't think this newly discovered patent will end up being a design used by Nintendo, as all indications so far are that the Switch-style system will continue.

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