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No Man’s Sky may finally get co-op exploration and story overhaul in next update

One of the biggest issues many had with No Man’s Sky on release was the lack of multiplayer/co-op, particularly since we were told before release that players would be able to encounter each other in-game. That didn’t turn out to be true at the time but it seems that Hello Games might be making good on its promise now, as new details about the upcoming Atlas Rises update have come to light.

Earlier this week, we heard that No Man’s Sky would be getting a big free expansion this week called ‘Atlas Rises’. At the time, we knew that this update would add a Stargate style fast travel system and make changes to the story. However, some new details have come to light after a list of upcoming changes accidentally went live on the No Man’s Sky website before being promptly pulled.


From what we saw, Update 1.3, otherwise known as Atlas Rises, will feature an “overhauled central story line, portals, a new procedural mission system, trade improvements, system economies, joint exploration and more”. If that last little note is true then multiplayer will finally be in the game like originally promised.

Multiplayer is only a fraction of the story here though. Judging from the description, the entire game is getting an overhaul, with new trading systems and a new story. Hopefully the central story will be a little more satisfying this time around.

KitGuru Says: This update for No Man’s Sky sounds huge but obviously, this studio has over promised and under delivered in the past so many will remain sceptical until the proof is shown. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what people think once the update goes live.

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  • Talf Morton

    This week? So today? Would they release an update tomorrow on a Saturday?

  • Lelisevis

    Its live now, 4gb. and its a beast. Gets us 99% of the way towards coop but being a fan of the game it adds more than enough to keep me happy anyway. https://www.nomanssky.com/atlas-rises-update/ The coop blue orb system reminds me of one of the old Fable games, I think it was Fable 2.

  • Mariselactorres


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