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No Man’s Sky’s new ‘Desolation’ update brings abandoned ship freighters to explore

No Man's Sky has consistently surprised us since its initial release, with excellent free updates coming a few times a year. Since shipping the recent exo-suit update, Hello Games has been working on the next big update- Desolation.

The Desolation update was announced earlier today, bringing abandoned freighters for players to explore, either alone or in groups. These derelict capital ships can be breached as a team, with each one having a procedurally generated interior, so players can repeat the content without maps getting old. Throughout, you will find logs from the crew, telling new stories about explorers that met a lonely end at the edge of the universe.

Of course, exploring these ships isn't as simple as that. During the panic to escape and leave, old crew mates knocked over hazardous items, defence systems have gone rogue and environmental controls have begun to fail.

The Desolation update is available now for No Man's Sky across platforms- that includes Xbox Game Pass, which has brought in over a million new players.

KitGuru Says: Will many of you be jumping back into No Man's Sky for the new update?

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