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Overwatch 2 gameplay leak reveals new hero ‘Sojourn’

At this point, we're all aware that the Overwatch 2 PvP beta is beginning later this month. The beta will include new maps, overhauled 5v5 gameplay and the first new Overwatch character in years. Now, a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, a gameplay trailer for Overwatch 2 has leaked, showcasing one of the brand new heroes. 

Overwatch hasn't had a new hero since April 2020, so fans have been waiting quite a while to see a fresh face. One of the first new characters being introduced in Overwatch 2 is none other than Sojourn, a Canadian character that wields a rapid-fire railgun. (UPDATE: Blizzard has now uploaded this trailer officially, so we've replaced the video from the leaked version to the official version).

This gameplay leak follows on from Blizzard's official unveiling of Sojourn. Like many other iconic characters in Overwatch, Sojourn has her own cinematic story trailer, showcasing the character's origin story. Unfortunately, the trailer isn't quite as polished as some of the previous character cinematics we've seen, but Blizzard could be saving the best of those for Overwatch 2's  PvE story mode, which is poised to be a key selling point for the sequel.

Overwatch 2 is entering beta on the 26th of April. The full game won't be releasing this year, but invites to the PvP beta will go out throughout the year, so many should have the chance to play early. Eventually, closer to launch, there should also be an open beta to help stress test infrastructure and in-game systems.

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KitGuru Says: The character cinematic wasn't super flashy, but the gameplay trailer looked great. Sojourn looks like a lot of fun to play, and graphically, Overwatch 2 is looking a little nicer than the original game. 

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