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Overwatch’s Competitive Mode is now live

While Overwatch did initially have a competitive mode in its closed beta, Blizzard chose to take it out of the launch version of the game in order to rework it. Now, we can finally see the changes for ourselves as the Overwatch competitive mode has launched on the PC today, with consoles set to get the new mode a little later on.

Right now, those playing Overwatch on the PS4 or Xbox One don't have a date for the competitive mode update but for those of us on PC, you can jump in right now, with the first competitive season set to span over the next 1.5 months.


In the future, competitive seasons will last two and a half months but due to us already being in the middle of Summer 2016, Blizzard had to cut the first season a little short as it will be basing competitive seasons on real world seasons. There will be a two week break in between all competitive seasons too.

For those of you looking to play competitive mode, you will unlock the option once you hit level 25, by which point you will have racked up quite a few hours playing the game normally. Once in competitive move, your first ten matches will go towards assessing your skill level, you will be given a rating between 1 and 100 based on how well you perform in these first matches. From there, every win or loss will go towards this rating.

There will be different rewards for participating in a competitive season. Aside from bragging rights, you will also get a themed profile picture and animated spray. These rewards will likely change in future seasons based on player feedback. The first competitive season ends on the 18th of August, at which point you will get your rewards.

KitGuru Says: If you have been waiting to enter the Overwatch competitive arena then you can now do so. Will any of you be taking part in the first competitive season? 


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