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Overwatch’s next patch makes more changes to Mercy, Lucio and more

Blizzard's next Overwatch patch is going to include plenty of changes. Not only are we going to see yet another balance change to Mercy following her recent overhaul, but changes are also being made to Lucio and some new voice lines are on the way for Zenyatta.


As far as Mercy goes, she can now glide past targeted allies using the jump key while Guardian Angel is active. The cooldown won't reset once Resurrect is activated and Valkyrie won't reset the Resurrection cooldown either. This is a slight tweak following the nerf previously tested on the Overwatch Public Test Realm.

Lucio's wall rise speed boost has been boosted back up to 65 percent, after a recent bug halved the speed. Zenyatta will be receiving some new voice lines too.

Finally, there are two bug fixes coming in to play. For starters, a big preventing the visual effects of Sombra's halloween victory pose from displaying has been fixed, as well as an issue preventing Mercy from slowing down after Guardian Angel is cancelled.

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