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Puzzle FPS Superhot hits Kickstarter goal in one day

Superhot, a challenging first person shooter with puzzle elements, launched on Kickstarter just yesterday but it has already surpassed its $100,000 funding goal. The game was originally created for the Unity web player, you can play the original version on the game’s official website, which features a few levels and teaches you how to play.

The game acts as a first person shooter puzzle game as time only moves when you do, this means that every movement and shot counts as getting hit by just one bullet will kill you. The prototype was revealed as part of the 7 Day FPS developer challenge.


The core gameplay is very unique and over the last eight months the developer has  “fixed a lot of the problems with the original version of the game, heavily reiterated on the art style, and experimented with fun scenarios for the players to “solve” – shootout in a subway train, showdown on the top of a skyscraper in rain, jumping into a moving elevator, and more.”

“The initial goal of $100k will allow us to cover the costs of living for the team, purchase required hardware, software licences and assets that will allow us to finish the game faster, and to hire additional help – graphic artists, animators, level designers and sound technicians – that will assist us in making SUPERHOT a complete game. All funds over $100k will go directly into making the game better and covering the costs of promoting the game on various gaming events around the world.”

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KitGuru Says: Check out the prototype, its actually a lot of fun, it’s certainly a departure from the usual shooters we see at the moment. Have any of you guys played the web version of Superhot? Do you think its worth making a full version?

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