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Students get iOS apps running on Android

Mobile app emulation isn’t always an easy task, BlackBerry devices have been known to run some Android apps but emulating Windows Phone or iOS apps inside Android has been mostly unheard of until now. A team of students have successfully managed to emulate native iOS apps on Google’s mobile OS, although they don’t run smoothly yet.

Six Columbia University students created software called Cider (presumably named after the Cider wrapper found in OSX), the Android version of Cider makes native iOS apps think that they are running on a legitimate Apple device, which then allows them to run.


The video shows the Cider prototype running on a Nexus 7, the performance isn’t great but running iOS and Android apps natively side by side is still a huge step forward. In the coming years we might even be able to fill the gaps between all mobile Operating Systems.

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KitGuru Says: Are you guys interested in mobile emulation? I think it’s a pretty cool concept but if it gets to the point where Android devices can emulate iOS apps really well, then we might see a flood of iPhone rip offs hit the market. 

Source: 9to5Mac

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