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Nintendo targets Steam with fresh DMCA strike to remove Dolphin Emulator

Nintendo has become increasingly concerned about emulation recently, with devices like the Steam Deck providing convenient ways for players to access old and new Nintendo content. Previously, Nintendo issued DMCA strikes against videos showcasing Steam Deck emulation, as well as a tool that allows people to add custom artworks to their Steam library. Now, Nintendo is issuing a DMCA takedown against Valve itself with the hopes of getting the Dolphin emulator booted from Steam. 

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The ROG Ally is shaping up to be a decent emulation device

With the Steam Deck, many players quickly began searching for emulators to play console games both new and old on the handheld. With the ROG Ally coming up, people are already exploring its emulation capabilities and so far, the results look promising.  ETA Prime has uploaded a new YouTube video …

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Sony is working on PS2 emulation for PS4

Microsoft surprised us all at E3 this year with the announcement that it had managed to get backwards compatibility working for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. This was a great step for the company, especially since Sony had seemingly abandoned backwards compatibility in favour of starting up a …

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Xbox 360 emulation sure has come a long way

The last generation consoles are on their way out after being around for almost a decade and while you can still easily pick up an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 now, one day it won't be so easy, which is where emulation tends to come in. For years, many fake …

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Over 3000 games for free, in your browser

MS-DOS Games

The Internet Archive is an amazing non-profit site, that is mainly known for providing snapshots of millions of websites, right back to 1996 with it's “Wayback Machine”. It also wants to archive as much of the worlds media as possible by adding films, music, speeches and software. Recently it has been adding …

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Nintendo may bring Game Boy games to phones

If there's one thing that Nintendo has that the other big console makers don't, it's a very strong history of portable gaming titles. Sure Sony has its PSP and Vita back catalogues, but neither can hardly compare to the sheer volume of games that have been released on the various …

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Students get iOS apps running on Android

Mobile app emulation isn't always an easy task, BlackBerry devices have been known to run some Android apps but emulating Windows Phone or iOS apps inside Android has been mostly unheard of until now. A team of students have successfully managed to emulate native iOS apps on Google's mobile OS, …

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