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Rainbow Six Siege devs are reworking how weapon recoil works

Operation Health might finally be over but that doesn't mean the developers behind Rainbow Six: Siege are finished making big changes to the game. Quite recently, the dev team discovered an issue with weapon sights being misaligned with the camera. As a result, weapon recoil across all of the guns in the game is being reworked entirely.

Here is how the developers explain the issue: “The issue comes from the fact that we displace the weapon sights from the centre of the screen when we have recoil being applied to it. We did this to create a spray type system while still firing the bullet where the weapon appears to be aiming. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out the way we intended. The weapon offset in first person created a parallax issue between the gun and the world.”

Essentially, the guns in Siege are all rendered at 50 FOV, meanwhile on consoles, the world is being rendered at 60 FOV and on PC, you can be rendering the world anywhere between 60 and 90 FOV. Due to this, any change made to the first person visuals off the centre of the camera will cause alignment issues with any weapon. This is why bullets do not always land where the gun's reticle is pointing.

So in order to fix this going forward, the studio will be removing the camera offset entirely. On top of that, a multi-stage recoil system will also be put in place:

“Enter the multi-stage recoil. This let us define as many recoil data sets as we wish at any stage during a fully automatic spray. So let’s go back to our example. Obviously, the first bullet always goes exactly where you are aiming. The second one is driven by a simple left / right pull value. This time, we can say to the engine “For the second bullet use this recoil data set and for the third bullet, use this other data set” etc. That way, we can say where every bullet goes in relation to the previous one.”

With this new system, the developers will have perfect control over where every bullet goes without needing to rely on RNG. This will ensure more accurate recoil patterns. These new changes will be tested on the public test servers starting from this week. Over the coming weeks, the developers will monitor feedback and make adjustments before fully rolling it out to everyone.

KitGuru Says: I always enjoyed the shooting in Rainbow Six: Siege, so I am unsure how I feel about this. Are many of you still playing Rainbow Six Siege? How do you feel about the proposed recoil changes?

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