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Rainbow Six: Siege patch takes aim at team killers

Ubisoft's new tactical shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege has been doing fairly well for itself with plenty of players still logging in regularly to play. However, there has been one persistent issue with the game since its launch and that is the lack of punishment for those that betray their team by resorting to friendly fire.

Ubisoft is aware of this and hopes to help fix the problem with a patch launching this week. Patch 2.2 will add a report player button to the game, we don't know exactly what happens when a player is reported for griefing but presumably, it will help kick team killers from matches.


Aside from that, there will now be a kill cam in ranked matches. A slew of other fixes are also being implemented, for starters your guns shouldn't clip through walls anymore and hit registration should actually work properly. A bunch of bugs have also been fixed on specific maps as well, with most of them focussing on the Yacht map.

Ubisoft has posted the full patch notes, which you can find, HERE. The patch should be available across the Xbox One, PS4 and PC already starting from today.

KitGuru Says: I've played quite a bit of Rainbow Six: Siege on both the Xbox One and PC but I must admit the game's hit registration and lag compensation can be frustrating to deal with at times. Hopefully, this patch will start to fix up these issues. Are any of you playing Rainbow Six still? How are you finding the game? 

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