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Rainbow Six: Siege’s first two DLC characters have a release date

Rainbow Six: Siege launched around a month ago and while the game hasn't been flying off of store shelves, it has actually been quite well received by those who bought it. The game is also doing some interesting things with DLC, allowing Season Pass owners to access new characters a week early but not requiring players to pay real money for new characters once the exclusivity period is over.

Rainbow Six: Siege is a tactical shooter, with lots of emphasis on Operators, which are special characters with different guns and gadgets to help play the objective. The game started off with a healthy number of them but starting on the 2nd of February, new operators will begin rolling out, with the first two rumoured to be part of the Canadian Special Forces team.


[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZNUr3NgF5s']

Ubisoft hasn't named its two new operators just yet, or actually revealed their guns or gadgets so we don't know exactly what we are getting. However, those who bought the $30 season pass will get access for one week on the 2nd of February. After that, anyone can purchase the characters for £3.99 each, or pay with in-game ‘Renown' which is earned through completing single player ‘Situation' missions or by playing the game's multiplayer modes.

KitGuru Says: Rainbow Six: Siege was looked over by many due to its end of year release date. However, I have been having a lot of fun with the game when the servers have been working, though the control scheme on PC could do with a bit of tweaking. Have any of you played Rainbow Six: Siege yet? How have you been finding it?

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