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Rainbow Six: Siege’s next DLC operator revealed

Update: Last week, Ubisoft officially announced Operation Velvet Shell, the first DLC for Rainbow Six: Siege's Year Two season pass. At the time, we got to take a look at the game's new map ‘Coastline', set in Ibiza. Now this week, Ubisoft has revealed the first new playable operator, Jackal, a member of the Spanish special forces and a specialist in ‘difficult terrains'. 

We don't get many important details from the 15 second trailer but we are given a crucial look at what appears to be Jackal's special ability, which is to see enemy footsteps. We will be seeing more of this DLC on a live stream taking place from the 3rd of February until the 5th. 

Original Story: Rainbow Six: Siege is one of the better tactical multiplayer shooters around and Ubisoft wants to keep it that way, which is why the game will be coming back for a second year of DLC in 2017. Year 2 will bring new operators and maps, the first of which will arrive in February, known as Operation Velvet Shell, which will take players on a mission to Spain.

In a video posted today, Ubisoft gave us a brief tour of the new Coastline map, which will come with the Velvet Shell update next month. Ubisoft's description reads: “Start Year Two on the rocky shore of Ibiza, Spain, with Rainbow Six Operation Velvet Shell. The vivid new multiplayer map “Coastline” both available in PVP and PVE is designed to drive a surround flow of combat for a final rush at its core.”


Rainbow Six's second year of DLC will bring in eight new operators spread out across four updates coming throughout the year. The first DLC focusses on Spain and will be followed by Hong Kong in May, Poland in August and South Korea in November. As with year one, all operators will be available to buy using earnable in-game currency, so you don't necessarily have to lay down the cash for the season pass.

KitGuru Says: Rainbow Six: Siege is one of my favourite multiplayer shooters, though unlike other shooters, I tend to prefer this one on console. Do any of you still play Rainbow Six: Siege? Will you be jumping in for the year 2 DLC?

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  1. Bought this game on release, gave it 2 months then ditched it for being a buggy, hacker filled load of crap. Tried it again a few days ago and on the first match “connection error” bug appeared. This game is really, really bad – still laggy, awful graphics and horrifically unbalanced. Sure as hell won’t be giving this DLC a try. Here’s a nice demo of how bad the lag is, and how it’s to do with terrible network decisions made by the developers:

  2. Actually, the game works just fine. Most likely your pc isn’t good enough to run it, as it’s pretty performance intensive.

  3. Right, so you’re then saying I was hallucinating and a 980 and 4770K aren’t good enough? No, it’s a buggy POS and no matter what PC you run, you’re still going to come across the abysmal netcode with triple digit pings being the norm (watch the video before commenting as you clearly haven’t).

  4. Just thought I would say that I’ve got no such issues and neither do the friends I play with. Out pong sits between 40-50 just fine which although not ideal isn’t bad.

    I would suggest your having issues from your ISP or not being routed to the correct data centre to play.

  5. Further to that the video is over a year old and for the most part fixed. It actually also showed ping at 60ms however it is closer to 40ms as it includes the server data so it’s actually better than battlefield 4 and just over what CS:GO is so you clearly didn’t understand what you watched

  6. Nope, definitely connected to the right data centre with a fast speed (100 MB/s) – I think Ubisoft just invested in crap data centres, mixed with not region locking players into the data centre with the lowest ping.
    As for the video, that issue is most certainly not fixed as it’s an inherent issue with the netcode. Don’t be patronising; clearly the fact that the netcode favours the person with the high ping should be a cause for alarm, but clearly you don’t understand anything to do with netcode.