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Rare explains Sea of Thieves ‘Seasons’ and battle pass system

As we've known for some time now, Sea of Thieves is switching to a seasonal content model this year, with the first season and its accompanying ‘battle pass' arriving this week. Now, just ahead of the battle pass rollout, Rare has detailed what it will actually include. 

As you'd expect, each Sea of Thieves season will run for three months. Each season, there is a free ‘battle pass' with 100 levels, you progress through the battle pass by completing adventures and in-world events. With each level up, you can expect gold, doubloons and cosmetic items.

While the battle pass is free, the ‘Plunder Pass' is the premium track. This will sell for just under 1000 ‘Ancient Coins', Sea of Thieves in-game premium currency. The UK cash equivalent is around £7.99. As you would expect, the Plunder Pass will net you more rewards at a more frequent pace. There will also be some exclusive cosmetics tied to the premium pass.

Rare also explained that its seasons will include monthly updates, so when Season One goes live, you'll have a month to catch up on live events, world events etc, then more content will arrive the following month. After three months, the season ends and the next season begins.

KitGuru Says: Are many of you planning on jumping into Sea of Thieves for its new seasonal content? Do you prefer this to the less frequent, larger updates a couple of times a year? 


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