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The very first 20th Anniversary PS4 has sold for $129,000

The original 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 console has been auctioned off for just under $130,000 in Japan. The first of the 12,300 units was saved by Sony for a charity auction, which raised $129,000, Sony then matched this making for a total donation of $258,000 for a Japanese charity. …

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Vintage Apple I computer sells for $905,000

A British auction house has managed to sell a rare Apple I computer for $905,000, almost double the $500,000 it was expected to go for. The winning bid came from the Henry Ford Museum, which said that it will put the 1970s era machine on display for the public. Museum …

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Rare Nintendo game buyer claims bid was a mistake

When the poor condition but still incredibly rare Nintendo World Championship NES cartridge hit eBay last week, word spread through the Internet quickly and unfortunately for the seller, that resulted in a series of not so serious bids which were swiftly met with retractions: The winning bid totalled in at $99,902, …

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Microsoft just hired Jonathan Ross

Well I didn’t expect this news when I woke up this morning. Radio and TV presenter Jonathan Ross has been hired by Microsoft to work as an executive producer on upcoming Xbox One titles at famed first party developers like Rare and Lionhead. It’s not clear if there’s some specific …

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