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Recent listings for PS4 exclusives on PC were ‘not accurate’

Following the announcements of Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn for PC, there has been plenty of speculation about what other PS4 exclusives might make the jump to PC. With that in mind, there were plenty of raised eyebrows when listings for PC versions of Bloodborne, Days Gone, Gran Turismo Sport and The Last of Us Part II appeared on Amazon. 

The Amazon France store began listing the previously mentioned games for Windows PC, in addition to Persona 5 Royal, which is currently also a PS4 exclusive. However, according to Sony and Sega, “the listings are not accurate”.


That hasn't stopped the rumour mill from spinning though, in-fact there is some belief that The Last of Us and God of War may well make it over to PC, although nothing concrete has leaked or been announced officially at this time.

This does show that there is demand for more of Sony's first-party offerings on PC though. Those big franchises can still remain console exclusive, while opening up to a new, untapped market. Perhaps Sony will have more to share after Horizon Zero Dawn comes out over the summer.

KitGuru Says: I would love to see more PS4 exclusives on PC but this time around, it looks like we were duped. Still, with Horizon Zero Dawn coming, I do think we will see one or two more big exclusives make their way over. What PS4 exclusive would you like to see on PC next? 

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