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Latest driver update adds more ‘G-Sync Compatible’ monitors and game support

Back in January 2019, Nvidia announced that it would be updating its GPU drivers to support FreeSync displays under the new ‘G-Sync Compatible’ initiative. This means that Nvidia GPU users can switch G-Sync on using any adaptive sync display, although there is a verification program in place to highlight the monitors that supposedly work the best without the proprietary G-Sync module. The official list of verified monitors has grown a lot over time and this month, a few more models were added. 

This week, Nvidia released its latest ‘Game Ready’ driver, just in time for the Minecraft RTX beta. Driver version 445.87 also expands the list of G-Sync Compatible monitors, adding support for the Acer XB273GP, Acer XB323U and the ASUS VG27B.

The latest driver also puts optimisations in place for three other upcoming games- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered, Saints Row: The Third Remastered and SnowRunner.

KitGuru Says: How many of you use a FreeSync monitor with an Nvidia GPU and turn on the G-Sync Compatibility mode? Does it work well for you? 

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