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Red Dead Online players dress up as clowns due to lack of updates

It has been quite some time since Rockstar last released a significant content update for Red Dead Online and it appears that players are starting to get restless. As part of a movement within the Red Dead Online community, players have begun dressing up as clowns to protest the lack of updates. 

The last major update to Red Dead Online, ‘Moonshiners', shipped in December 2019, bringing new missions, challenges, gear etc. Since then, things have been very quiet. In an effort to get Rockstar's attention, the subreddit ‘Red Dead Fashion' proposed the idea of players dressing up as clowns for the month of July.

An admin on the Red Dead Online Discord server spoke with Polygon about the movement, saying that the community opted to go in this direction to keep things positive, rather than letting it “turn negative or nasty”, which can often happen in gaming communities.

So far, Rockstar hasn't responded, but it is always great to see online players grouping together in a fun way like this. Hopefully Rockstar will notice and give some form of update on what's next for Red Dead Online.

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KitGuru Says: Have many of you played much Red Dead Online recently? Or have you been taking a long break while Rockstar works on the next update? 

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