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Red Dead Redemption is getting re-released, will skip PC once again

In recent weeks there has been evidence of an impending Red Dead Redemption-related announcement from Rockstar. Many unfortunately gave the studio a bit too much credit in thinking that this would be a remaster. Red Dead Redemption is not being remastered, but it is coming out again, this time for Nintendo Switch and ‘modern PlayStation consoles', skipping PC and Xbox. 

Red Dead Redemption and its Undead Nightmare Expansion will be packaged together and sold for Nintendo Switch and PS4 (PS5 via backwards compatibility). The game will not feature any graphical or performance updates, so it will continue to run at 30FPS and won't look much better beyond what was already possible.

One of the reasons this may be skipping Xbox is due to the backwards-compatible version already being available. On an Xbox Series X, you can even resolution boost the game to a sharp 4K, which will likely end up looking better than this PS4/Switch re-release.

While skipping Xbox can be forgiven in this case, skipping PC is absolutely baffling. The original version didn't come to PC but the demand for its release has only grown in the years following Red Dead Redemption 2. Many want to experience the story for the first time and are continuing to be cut off.

The PS4/Switch version price also has a pretty big question mark around it. As it stands, Rockstar wants to charge $50 for a 13-year old game, with no actual remastered features. Even for the Switch version, the only brand new platform now getting the game, I'd be wary of paying that much.

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KitGuru Says: This is a highly underwhelming announcement but ultimately, this is why we should always be cautious of rumours. Still, you'd think that a company with Rockstar's financial resources could do far more than this. 

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