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Respawn appears to be working on a third Star Wars Jedi game

While Star Wars Jedi: Survivor didn't end on a big cliffhanger, there is plenty of room for a sequel. It would seem that Respawn is already working on that, with job listings hinting at a third Star Wars Jedi game. 

As shared on Reddit and Insider Gaming, Respawn has an open position for a Principle Game Writer to help create a new Star Wars Jedi game. The job listing was shared on LinkedIn, specifically noting the Star Wars Jedi team based in Los Angeles.

While Star Wars Jedi: Survivor had its performance issues on both PC and console, the game has received a number of patches since then. I ended up finishing the game on PS5 within a couple of weeks of release, which is extremely rare for me. The story had its hooks in me the whole way through.

Without going into detailed spoilers, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor doesn't really end on a major cliffhanger, but it does end with room for a potential sequel, perhaps with another multi-year time jump as we saw with the transition from Jedi: Fallen Order to Jedi Survivor.

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KitGuru Says: I enjoyed the sequel more than the original game, so I'd be very keen on playing a third game to round out a trilogy. Did many of you play Jedi Survivor? Would you like to see a third game? 

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