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Rockstar reportedly planning single-player expansions for Grand Theft Auto 6

While there were initially rumours and leaks to suggest that Grand Theft Auto V would get single-player DLC, Rockstar instead chose to drop any additional single-player content in favour of continuous updates to GTA Online. With Grand Theft Auto 6 on the horizon, rumour has it Rockstar will be looking to support the single-player side of the game with additional content post-launch. 

According to Tez2, a Rockstar insider with a good track record on the GTAForums, Rockstar is planning to expand Grand Theft Auto 6 over time, with new missions and even entirely new cities to explore. These DLCs would likely be instanced, taking place in new maps and separate from the main game, similarly to Grand Theft Auto 4.

As GamesRadar reports, GTA V was going to have substantial single-player additions at one point, but those plans were scrapped when the team needed to funnel more resources into Red Dead Redemption 2, which ended up releasing in late 2018.

Rockstar has not revealed GTA 6 properly, but rumour has it that the game will take place in a new and expanded version of Vice City and its surrounding areas. It is believed that Rockstar is targeting a 2024 launch for GTA 6, which means we could see a reveal trailer in the not too distant future.

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KitGuru Says: Single-player expansions for GTA V would have done incredibly well, but at this point, it is a little late. Would you like to see Rockstar return to single-player expansions with GTA 6? 

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