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Rockstar speaks out on banning FiveM modders

A few days back, we reported on Rockstar's manual banning of the creators of FiveM, a mod that created a multiplayer mode separate to Rockstar's official one. The mod was sort of like Multi Theft Auto, allowing for custom servers. Since the mod only messed around with the game's single player code, it should have been in compliance with Rockstar's set rules for modders.

However, Rockstar got wind of this new mod and decided to manually ban the creators of FiveM and then set its sights on the mod's users. Rockstar has now spoke out on bans, claiming that the mod helped to “facilitate piracy”, despite the modder's own statements to the contrary.

gaming-gta-online-beach-bum-update-screenshot-2 (1)

The FiveM mod requires a social club login to play, this is used as a form of DRM to ensure those wanting to play the mod actually owned Grand Theft Auto V before getting online. Unfortunately, Rockstar doesn't see it that way. In a statement sent to PC Gamer, Rockstar said:

“The FiveM project is an unauthorized alternate multiplayer service that contains code designed to facilitate piracy. Our policy on such violations of our terms of service are clear, and the individuals involved in its creation have had their Social Club accounts suspended.”

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KitGuru Says: Rockstar appears to be taking a rather unfortunate position when it comes to mods with GTA V. Past games in the series have enjoyed very long life cycles thanks to mods for both single player and multiplayer. 

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  1. Uh, so what did R* say to the fact that the mod requires a RSC login?

  2. I’ll be honest.. this is rather pathetic on Rockstar’s part. It’s obviously not encouraging pirating anymore than the regular multiplayer- It’s just a different form of it. People are sick of the regular vanilla multiplayer, therefore, the modders come in and make a fun new alternative. Honestly, if I didn’t know better, I’d say Rockstar is afraid of everyone switching over to this second multiplayer, and not spending endless amounts of money on those stupid fake Money “shark” cards.

  3. They didn’t say anything because they know their corporate line about this mod “facilitating piracy” is utter B.S

    The reality is they are scared shitless that people could play MP modded so players would never find themselves in a situation where they might have to consider buying Shark Cards to get a new house/car/weapon and then of course the modding community could makes R*’s DLC’s look like amateur attempts and then Who would R* have left to fleece for another multi millions of dollars

  4. The mod makers themselves posted a comment on their reddit claiming that they never had any sort of DRM check at all. The only time it contacted the Rockstar server was to ensure that the user was a unique individual, allowing them to play as themselves and not someone else.

  5. Aaron James Collis

    By banning people who link their social accounts R* are leaving the the modders no choice to remove the social accounts linking feature (in favor of a UserPass system) to combat the ban hammer, thus allowing pirates to plat GTA V offline and a alternative online.

    Nice one R* punish them for doing something they didn’t & then making them do it .

  6. Rockstar is behaving like children. They have no respect for modders.

  7. I hope they change it so you don’t need to use a Rockstar social account. because I’d rather have this mod than use GTA online.

  8. I’m still trying to scrape together enough cash to build a new pc so I can play modern games. This WAS one of the games I was considering buying.

  9. I was not going to buy GTAV due to the large amount of comments related to multiplayer hackers; an issue present since launch on PC. If we can’t have community run servers then there is no fixing the hacker issue and you lose potential customers such as myself. Miss out on new customers, hurt your paying customers too? Way to go Rockstar.

  10. I wouldn’t bother to be honest. I bought the game a few weeks ago and have not managed to have a single game without it being full of cheaters. I don’t run into just one I always end up with atleast 2/3 in the one ‘session’. Ended up last night in a session with 4 cheaters who didn’t even need to move to kill anyone. They were blowing people up randomly from other sides of the map and spawning money on other players. Peoples advice? Join a crew and just do jobs with ‘friends/crew members’. Sorry but thats simply not good enough i want to be able to free roam the city if I want to. One guy even took all my weapons due to me killing people that weren’t cheating but he was spawning vehicles for them. First time it had happened. So unless you go down the friends / crew route or just play single player until RS get the finger out I wouldn’t bother I honestly wouldn’t (maybe unless the game was on an unbelievable sale of £5)

    goodluck with your new build however

  11. Rockstar sucks in terms of relations with players. I don’t expect them to win award for best developer or something in long time.

  12. This is just absolutely asinine. If you don’t allow a way for them to do this in online servers, you may as well let them play together and mod that way. However it won’t stop them. Rockstar does have some idiots that don’t understand piracy. They made billions off of gta 5 already, but they are worried about possible future piracy? I know douchebags like lazlow speaks out against piracy without understanding the situation. I loved seeing him argue with against it and having to turn off people’s mic’s so he could lambast their arguments without interruption. Yet he nearly always wrong and would say things like “I don’t want to focus on this and move on with my talk”. Then he would talk down their idea. Rockstar seems to be one of the douchebags to think that every time someone pirates a game, that is proof positive of a sale lost. Yet the person probably wouldn’t have bought the game anyway. I have bought all gta games. I had tried out gta 4 to see if it ran on my system and later bought it on sale. It didn’t work, I later had to upgrade my system. Yet rockstar would love to punish me for it. I knew someone who got san andreas for their mobile phone through a pirated site and they received some very angry letters in the mail about it. I told them not to worry, it is a scare tactic. However it said they had to immediately uninstall it and delete all copies of the game.
    What really gets me with rockstars stance is these people paid for the game and were modding it to enjoy it further. Rockstar broke production cost on day 1 of both the console and pc and has had a fairly steady and healthy sales which really has been just enormously successful them. Now they are worried about some modders who wanted a way to enjoy the game further with friends, all while doing it legally. Just to force them into doing it illegally now. It’s mindblowing how fucked up that is. Fuck rockstar. We waited a long time to get a game that worked decently on launch. Which I know added delay time, but a year and a half of delays just to see a split up story line that is only semi interesting wasn’t a big deal. The games engine and online was pretty amazing, but most of my friends are bored and I have to deal with a lot of hackers online. A modding team comes along with an interesting idea to let users experience mods in multiplayer and rockstar only can see how much shekels they can horde still. I fucking hate corporate shills who just want to horde shekels at all costs of the customer. Why didn’t any of them learn any lesson from hitler? Did we go in too soon or to them not soon enough?

  13. The same people they seem to focus on fleecing in the first place – console players. Why else do you think the PC release got delayed, what, three times?

  14. Rockstar’s position on modding is awful. its in between hard and soft. Either you ban all the f*ckers that make the game unplayable for everyone else. Or you endorse them and make it so that they are limited to specific servers so that everyone else can still have the fun they want far from the modders. BUT DONT FRIGGIN STAY IN BETWEEN!

  15. I keep hearing the GTA Online is full of hackers so I was planning to try this FiveM modonce I will get the game, but now, I think I will just wait to buy it cheap, and only do the solo/offline campaign.

  16. No thanks, fuck off.

  17. You can actually use this by cracking the game, FiveM doesn’t check for pirate copies. People on Youtube have been seen using it with cracked games. FiveM just requires what GTA V itself requires, some type of login, and when you crack the game, that’s what you get. Whether it’s 3DM or whatever it’s called, 3DM logs in offline on social club and allows you to play the game, after that you could use FiveM, even someone that promotes FiveM and was banned for it, said they shouldn’t be penalized because FiveM doesn’t check if a copy is legitimate or not.