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Nvidia readies new flagship mobile GPU – report

Nvidia Corp. is working on a new graphics processing unit for mobile personal computers that will feature performance of desktop-class graphics adapters. Not a lot of details are known about the new product, but a media report claims that the new flagship GeForce GTX for notebooks will be released in September.

NotebookCheck web-site reports that Nvidia’s new mobile graphics processing unit is code-named N16E-GXX, but at present it is unknown which graphics processor is used for the product. At present Nvidia’s flagship GPU for notebooks is GeForce GTX 980M based on the GM204 graphics processing unit with 1536 stream processors. Therefore, Nvidia could release another GM204-based mobile product with all stream processors activated. Alternatively, Nvidia could use its GM200 graphics chip for a new mobile flagship product.


According to the report, Nvidia’s new mobile graphics adapter will feature thermal design power between 100W and 185W, which means that the N16E-GXX may be based on either GM204 or GM200 graphics processing units. The product will not be released in MXM form-factor, which means that laptops featuring the product will not be upgradeable.

The official name of the N16E-GXX is unknown, but it is possible that the novelty will carry GTX 990M model number.


Nvidia did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: If Nvidia releases a mobile graphics solution based on the GM200 graphics processor, then such mobile GPU will deliver performance, which will be higher compared to many high-end desktops. Obviously, laptops featuring GM200 will be hot and their battery life will be negligible. However, gamers will probably be happy with performance than such machines can deliver.

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