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Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad goes free on Amazon Prime this month

Six months on from the launch of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, the game is now regularly appearing on sale for under £20 as Warner Bros tries to do whatever it can to boost the game's player numbers. If you've yet to buy the game but are curious enough to try it out, then you can grab it for free this month. 

Prime Gaming has announced its next wave of free-to-claim titles. Following on From Prime Gaming's recent addition of Tomb Raider, Amazon Prime subscribers will also get access to its sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, later this month, alongside medieval multiplayer hit Chivalry 2.

The big game for Prime subscribers this month is Suicide Squad, the latest game from Rocksteady, the studio behind the excellent Batman Arkham games. Unlike the Arkham series, Suicide Squad is a multiplayer-focused shooter/brawler, with players taking on the roles of iconic villains and using weapons and gadgetry inspired by other famous villains from the DC universe.

While the game has a well presented campaign, the game is let down massively by its live-service elements, which use a lot of recycled content to stretch out the average playtime. The game's first season of post-launch content did not offer enough to draw launch-day players back in and while a second season is happening, we're unsure how much of a future this game has given its consistently falling player numbers.

Each of the three games will be available to claim for free on the 16th of July. These are Epic Games Store codes though, so you'll need to have that installed to take advantage.

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KitGuru Says: As a freebie, Suicide Squad isn't a bad game to claim. The campaign was fine enough, largely saved by Rocksteady's cinematics,  and you can get through it in a weekend. I wouldn't bother much with the battle pass or seasonal content though. 

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