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Sam Fisher returns in latest Ghost Recon Breakpoint DLC

Just a few years ago, rumours heavily suggested that Ubisoft was reviving the Splinter Cell series, an idea that was furthered by Sam Fisher's cameo appearance in Ghost Recon: Wildlands. This week, Ubisoft is teasing us with Sam Fisher once again, with Ghost Recon Breakpoint's new Deep State DLC. 

Sam Fisher rejoins Ghost Recon in the new Deep State DLC, which adds a new campaign called ‘Operation Checkmate'. As part of the Ghost Recon squad, you will be helping Sam Fisher in a mission to stop a villain called ‘The Strategist', who has access to dangerous new technology.

This new campaign is being split into episodes, so while you can play the content releasing today, further episodes will be reserved for Season Pass owners, or those who have signed up to uPlay+ on PC. Alternatively, you can buy each individual DLC episode separately.

The update adds some new gameplay changes too, including two new classes: Engineer and Echelon. As you would expect, the engineer class focuses on drones, while the echelon class is more of a stealth class. The update also brings a new immersive mode that removes gear levels and reduces HUD elements.

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KitGuru Says: I didn't check out the original Wildlands DLC with Sam Fisher but I am more intrigued to give it a go this time around. Although I would much rather see the main Splinter Cell games return in some form. Do many of you still play Ghost Recon Breakpoint? Will you be checking out the latest update? 

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