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Sega indefinitely delays strategy title ‘Humankind’ for consoles

Sega and Amplitude Studios' grand strategy title, Humankind, first launched on PC last year. The game was due to get a console release this year, but complications bringing the game to PlayStation and Xbox consoles have forced Sega to indefinitely delay the release. 

As reported by VGC, the console versions of Humankind were being jointly developed by Aspyr and Amplitude Studios. However, due to what Sega describes as “unique challenges”, the console version has been delayed indefinitely.

To make up for this, Sega encourages pre-order customers of the console version to apply for a refund at whatever digital storefront they went through. For the most part, Sony and Microsoft should grant these refund requests, as the game has not released yet and as such, no files have been downloaded yet. Typically, digital storefronts can get funny about issuing refunds after a game has been downloaded, even if the refund revokes access, but that shouldn't be the case here.

While refunds are being offered, Sega has not cancelled the console version of Humankind. Aspyr, Sega and Amplitude Studios will continue to work on the console version, but there is no timeframe on a new release date yet.

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KitGuru Says: Strategy games have always been tricky for consoles, in large part due to the need for a simpler, gamepad-friendly control scheme and UI. Hopefully, the Xbox and PlayStation versions of Humankind will reappear in 2023. 

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