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Sony confirms free PS+ games for October 2023

Just 24 hours on from the latest PS+ monthly games leak, Sony has now officially announced the line-up for October. As previously reported, The Callisto Protocol and Farming Simulator will be free to claim for PS+ Essential subscribers next month and there is a third game joining them.

The Callisto Protocol was a particularly hyped up PlayStation console exclusive in 2022, although it did ultimately launch to mixed reception. That combined with some controversy around the game's season pass and overall performance led to lower than expected sales. However, now with the game being free for PS+ subscribers many who had been holding off on the game may give it a proper go for the first time.

Farming Simulator 22 is last year's game in the long running simulation series. Farming Simulator 23 launched back in May of this year, so we'd expect the enthusiast audience that follows the series closely have already made the jump to this year's game. However, those who have never tried a Farming Simulator game can now jump into a modern version on PlayStation without having to pay extra beyond the subscription price.

The final game heading to PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers this month is Weird West, developed by WolfEye Studios, which was co-founded by former Arkane Studios developer, Raphaël Colantonio.

All three games are available in their PS4 and PS5 versions and will be claimable for PS+ subscribers starting on the 3rd of October.

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