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Sony is going to adjust European PSN prices ahead of launch

Publishers have been facing some criticism this week as the prices for digital games on the PS4 were revealed and to put it simply, it seemed like UK gamers were going to get ripped off worse than usual. Sony has now issued a statement to Eurogamer to try and clear the air by letting customers know that it plans to re-adjust regional pricing before Friday's launch:

“Although PS4 launches in Europe on the 29th November, we have switched on the European PSN early to test and make sure that features and functionality are fully operational for launch, However, as PS4 and PSN have not yet officially launched in this region, nothing on the PSN is final, including pricing on the store. You will continue to see some prices adjusted over the next few days in preparation for launch on Friday.”


I wouldn't expect prices to drop much though, they'll probably just fall in line with the games on the Xbox One. That said, if Sony wants its digital platform to really flourish then pushing for similar prices to Amazon would be a good move. This may be a stretch too far but if Sony stooped to PC level prices, then it'd really be on to a winner.

If you've already paid for a PS4 game early on PSN then any price difference will be refunded to you.

Kitguru Says: PS+ members already get discount on digital games and considering a membership is required for multiplayer now, most people will probably be able to take advantage of that. So if the prices do fall to the Xbox One's level then a lot of PS4 owners will still get the games a tad cheaper. That said, £50 a game is still too expensive for my liking. [Pah, never buy yourself an N64 cart back in the day? Ed.]

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