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Someone needs to build this KitGuru PC

Oi, PC modders, you're slacking man. Seriously. I know you've made some pretty sweet looking rigs over the years, but I guarantee you've never made something as Kitguru-ified as this one. Granted this was probably a bit cheaper than most and it can't play any of the latest games – because it's a 3D render – but on looks alone, it steals the show.

Sent into us by 16 year old AeroSouthPaws – check out his DeviantArt page here – we have to say we were impressed. Not only does the rig itself look good, but with that nice big Kitguru logo, the only thing that's missing is a picture of the team etched into the side panel.


But despite my fanboy gushing, this rig really needs to have the KG fanbase approval to be considered worthy. So what do you guys think? Do you like the styling? What about the hardware choice? Can you even tell what specs the machine has just by this picture?

Kitguru Says: Let us know below or on the Facebook page. And give Mr SouthPaws some props while you're at it. This thing looks great. 

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