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Square Enix partners with Forever Entertainment for multiple remakes

Last year, Forever Entertainment partnered up with Square Enix to launch Panzer Dragoon: Remake. Now, Square Enix is bringing Forever Entertainment in again, this time to develop ‘multiple remakes' based on another IP. 

Forever Entertainment announced that it has entered a new agreement with Square Enix to develop and release multiple game remakes based on one of Square Enix Japan's dormant IP. The agreement was reported to investors in the studio but the English translation comes via Gematsu.

These mystery remakes will be faithful, maintaining the original gameplay and scenario elements from the original but updating with better visuals. The game will then be released as a multi-platform game, of which, just over 50 percent of sales revenue goes to Forever Entertainment.

We don't know exactly which IP Forever Entertainment will be working on next, but it will be announced as part of a ‘worldwide marketing campaign', so we should hear more down the line. Currently, Forever Entertainment is releasing Panzer Dragoon II: Remake sometime in 2021.

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KitGuru Says: Is there a particular Square Enix IP you'd like to see remade with modern graphics? 

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