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Story details leak out as Marvel’s Avengers achievements list uncovered

Marvel's Avengers was originally due to come out in May before its several-month delay, so it is no surprise that a lot of the in-game content is already locked down. What is surprising though, is that some story details have now leaked onto the web early, after the full achievement/trophy list was revealed. 

Exophase, a site that mines up achievement/trophy details for upcoming games, has posted details on unlocks for the game and the conditions that need to be met, some of which tie into story progress. As a result, some unannounced character appearances are now publicly known.

Aside from unannounced characters, those who are well versed in Marvel lore will also be able to piece a few things together by achievements for certain villain factions or completing objectives in certain locations.

Currently, Marvel's Avengers is due to launch in September, just as long as no further delays occur over the summer. The game is pitched as a ‘service style' co-op adventure, with a core main campaign and regular post-launch updates with new content and characters as Square Enix builds up its own Marvel universe.

KitGuru Says: Judging by the achievement list, there aren't any surprise heroes included at launch that we don't already know about. Still, there is more that could be revealed, particularly if there are ‘secret achievements' that haven't been uncovered yet. Are any of you looking forward to Marvel's Avengers? 

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