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Suicide Squad is Rocksteady’s lowest-rated game ever

It has taken a little longer for Suicide Squad reviews to go live, as review codes were only sent out a few days ahead of launch. At this point, many outlets have published their scored reviews and unfortunately, Suicide Squad has ended up as Rocksteady's lowest rated game ever. 

Based on 51 critic reviews, the overall rating for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (PS5) currently sits at 60 on Metacritic. The Xbox and PC versions fare slightly better but have fewer reviews. On Xbox, the score sits at 61 overall based on 11 reviews so far and the PC version sits at 66 based on 12 reviews.

The user score, which are unverified reviews from the general public who may or may not have purchased the game, sits at 3.8, indicating that fan sentiment around the game is not great either. However, we can't point this out without also noting the user reviews on Steam, which do all come from people who actually purchased the game. The overall user score on Steam is actually ‘Very Positive',

Over on Open Critic, which averages out review scores across all versions of a game rather than separating between platform versions, the game is sitting at a 59 overall score, based on 54 reviews.

Rocksteady's Suicide Squad game has always been somewhat controversial, due to its higher focus on multiplayer, on-going seasonal content and open world activities. The general consensus seems to be that while Suicide Squad has a solid campaign, the open-world, repeatable content portions of the game let it down. A lot of fans are also upset with the portrayal of Batman in the game, as Suicide Squad acts as somewhat of a send-off for the Arkham version of Batman.

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KitGuru Says: I've only had time to put a few hours into Suicide Squad so far and the majority of that felt like tutorial missions. Still, I must say I've been impressed by the campaign, but I'm not sure on the overall gameplay. I don't see myself engaging in the long-term, seasonal content once the campaign is finished. So far, I'm leaning towards recommending waiting for it to hit 50% off or more, especially if you are only interested in the main story. 

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