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Super Magbot brings platforming with a twist to Steam and Switch

Usually in precision platformers, we jump and dash around to get through levels. Super Magbot takes platforming in a different direction, with players using magnets to traverse around.

Super Magbot launched this week for PC via Steam and on the Nintendo Switch. Players take on the role of the robotic Magbot as he tries to save his home planet of MagTek from destruction. Magbot is incapable of jumping, but he does have magnetic abilities, allowing players to traverse traps and defeat enemies along the way.

The game comes with dozens of puzzle-filled levels, each with secrets to find and unlock for true completionists. There is also a leaderboard system to encourage friendly competition through speed running. Of course, if you’d like to tone down the challenge, there are assist mode options, allowing for mid-level checkpoints and the removal of ability cool downs.

On PC, the game also includes Corsair iCUE integration, allowing the game to sync with the lighting on a Corsair RGB keyboard.

Super Magbot is available now for £14.49, although the game is 20 percent off at launch, bringing the price down to £11.59. There is also a free demo available if you’d like to try the game out first.

KitGuru Says: Super Magbot looks like a fun little platformer with a unique twist. Do many of you enjoy platformers like this?

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