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The Division 2 will be getting a beta next month

While Ubisoft suffered some setbacks, The Division 1 did end up being successful enough to warrant a sequel. That second game will be coming very soon too, with The Division 2 set to release in mid-March. Before the official launch kicks off, there will be a beta but getting in comes with some caveats.

The Division 2 will be getting a beta test from the 7th of February through until the 10th of February. Currently, this closed beta test is the only one that has been announced, although there could potentially be a more open test later down the line.

The Division 2 will switch things up in a few ways, the biggest one being a change in setting, moving the game from New York City to Washington DC. Beta access can be achieved in two ways, you can either pre-order the game, or you can sign up for one of Ubisoft's ‘limited' free spaces. 

Those who register will be at the whims of Ubisoft and its player targets for the beta. If there are enough player spaces not taken up by pre-orderers, then beta keys will be sent out at random, so its worth trying. The only way to guarantee access is to pre-order, which is never a great way of handling beta tests but has become increasingly popular amongst publishers over the last couple of years.

KitGuru Says: I thoroughly enjoyed The Division 1 but I did find two of the three expansions to be quite disappointing. Hopefully things will be a bit different the second time around. Are any of you planning to jump into The Division 2? 

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