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The first patch for Arkham Knight on PC has landed

Rocksteady has finally got its act together and is working closely with the team over at Iron Galaxy Studios in order to get the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight up to scratch after its initial release fell flat and had to be pulled from Steam entirely.

The first patch for the game comes in at 67MB and brings some important fixes to the mix, such as allowing motion blur to be disabled in the .ini file, allowing users to verify their game files in Steam without having to re-download the whole game and fixing up a bug that disabled rain and ambient occlusion effects that are present in the console versions of the game.


Obviously all of that is just step one. Rocksteady does have a full list of fixes that it is working on right now on its forums. These fixes include removing the ridiculous 30 frames per second cap on the game and improving performance above 30fps while eliminating the hitching and stuttering.

SLI will be fixed eventually and Crossfire will be enabled for AMD users. When we tested the game ourselves we observed GPU memory usage as high as 5.5GB at 1080p, this is also being addressed. You can see the whole post, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: It took a few days but it looks like Rocksteady is finally on the case with Arkham Knight on the PC. Hopefully the team can keep the patches rolling and have everything fixed up fairly quickly, although it could take some time depending on how bad the issues really are behind the scenes. 

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